You might be watched! Cover your webcam

image of a laptop with covered webcam

cover your camera! someone might be watching you!


This is nothing new.

But it was a good idea to bring that back to attention.

You may have seen some photos or articles going around for some time, about some smart and high-profile people covering their webcams and microphones.

Some examples are Mark Zuckerberg or F.B.I. Director James Comey (don’t quote us if thats a current role)

It is understandable that they may have some high security secrets to hide, so you my wonder why would someone want to spy on you.


But would you want anyone to have a peek at your privet or sometimes intimate moments?…without you even realising?

Hackers are benefiting the most on those moments and blackmailing those captured, and thretening to sell the information.

Hackers can take over your camera, without you even knowing.

There might be some differences the way they get access to the camera, depending whether your camera is build-in or external, but the process of hacking is the same.

Similarly to protecting your computer from any virus or malware stealing your data, we do recommend:

  • You should cover your webcam
  • Close the laptop when not in use
  • Keep your software, web browser, plugins (especially Adobe Flash) up to date.
  • Keep your Firewall always on
  • Check for Malware time to time, and always have the Anti-virus on
  • Do not click any links in emails from unknown senders

To protect yourself from spy watching you, order a webcam cover or use paper or even a plaster or a tape to cover it.

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