10 Tips to Reduce Business Data Breach Risk

How to Reduce Business Data Breach Risk?   Businesses getting a lot of data and information like customer names, addresses, phone numbers, passwords,…
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Adrian Radford photo

Story about Adrian’s passion for IT and how it lead him to do what he does today.

Who is Adrian? He is a family man who loves travelling, eating out (too much) enjoying life and do a bit of gardening…
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sales envelope

Does your business email address creates trust or raises alarm bells?

For centuries mail has been of high importance, and it was crucial to seal it, to make it look secure. You knew if…
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image of a laptop with covered webcam

You might be watched! Cover your webcam

cover your camera! someone might be watching you! Scary? This is nothing new. But it was a good idea…
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Remote working – New reality. Risks and Rewards.

Remote working - New reality. Risks and Rewards. The time of the lockdown seems to be a new norm and knowing what we know,…
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What is VPN and how can it help you work remotely?

VPN can help you run your business during these unprecedented circumstances. Why should you consider it and what should you know about it?…
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Are you prepared to be “WORKING FROM HOME”?

Are you prepared for “WORKING FROM HOME” ? Is your business you ready for a lockdown? Don't wait until it is too late, understand…
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Be virus & quarantine prepared – Business Continuity Plan 

Be virus & quarantine prepared - Business Continuity Plan The key points you must remember about: Laptop resource prepared and ready for remote…
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Is your IT equipment and data safe from disaster?

Do you know the difference between disaster recovery and data backup? Can you imagine any of these scenarios happening to your office? office…
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No more issues working remotely! No more security or collaboration issues.

Lack of professional email can cost you more than a solution. Have you ever dealt with a business that uses a Hotmail, Yahoo,…
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