Do you know your internet speed? 10 TIPS to consider

Are you wasting precious time waiting for pages to load, or to send your work to clients?

Even if you’re patient, your customers may lose their patience waiting for you to complete the tasks.

How do you check your internet speed?

We recommend going to which will display your speed right away.

The most accurate answer you will get, is when you connect your ethernet cable to your PC or laptop.

Internet speed is considered to be fast, when it’s download speed is 25Mbps and 3Mbps of upload speed.

If you are an online gamer, the recommended speed of internet would be 3Mbps of download speed and 1Mbps upload.

But gamers are never happy, even if they have 50 Mbps up and down.

If you are a fan of Netflix or other online movie streaming website you should aim for 1.5Mbps download speed

for any standard quality video, 3.0Mbps for a DVD quality, and 5.0 Mbps for a HD (High Definition).

If your internet is running slow, there are couple things to consider.

  1. If your router is older than 5 years, you might need to look into an upgrade.
  2. You could also check your Wi-Fi signal at different locations around your house or office. The internet speed might also be affected depending on how many devices are connected to it.
  3. Your internet speed might also be due to a slow DNS server, some ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) block you changing this, so be aware.
  4. Run a “Trouble-shooting” for your internet connection, that might give you the idea where the problem lies. However it might be hard for you to establish the reason for it and make the improvement without calling for a IT engineer.
  5. Scan for viruses and check your firewall rules (maybe disable the software firewall briefly to see if performance increases drastically)
  6. Check what programs start up when you turn on your PC in Task Manager, you can try disabling programs in here
  7. If you have a cordless phone, you may also consider getting rid of it, or turning it off temporarily
  8. Digital TV Senders can also cause havoc with wireless, if you have one
  9. You will be wise to use an ethernet cable for internet after you have done all the checks, and see if performance have improved.
  10. Try to turning your router on and off and remember to run software updates regularly, as well as having your hardware upgraded regularly.

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