Does your business email address creates trust or raises alarm bells?

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For centuries mail has been of high importance, and it was crucial to seal it, to make it look secure.
You knew if the seal wasn’t broken, it could have been trusted.
Now more than ever, during the information age, when the cybersecurity is not something that we only see in the movies,
but it is, unfortunately, a common problem it is important to make sure your email is not only looking professional and secure, but it also is as much secure as it can be.
Businesses as well as individuals, are being targeted with blackmail, scams, phishing emails and so on.
We entering times, when a lot of businesses will continue to work online, or will move the majority of activities online to save on costs.
Yet, still, a lot of businesses are continuing to use FREE email accounts, thinking “it’s OK” it is not that important?

If you don’t have a professional email address for your business you put at risk:

  • Your company name and brand
  • Risking not reaching out to potential clients, due to your email looking suspicious
  • being hacked and your email used for spamming or phishing
  • not being treated as a serious, trusted business
The costs of a solution are minimal comparing to costs of risks that you can be a victim of.
Every business is different. Depending on the size of your business, as well as how and where you use it.
You really do need your own professional domain on a secure server, which will enable you to set up your own professional email address. You could still check it on your phone or other means of checking emails, but it will minimise the risks of losing clients, or being hacked, as well as your super important email landing in spam.
We can set it up for you, show you how to set it up on your phone, make sure it won’t get mixed up with your privet emails, and most importantly it is the right solution for you, that meets your business needs and budget.
We offer a FREE consultation, to give you all the information that you need to make an informative decision.
Why risk it if you can make a quick and smart decision?
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Full time student of Masters in Digital Marketing Management, creative entrepreneur, with architectural background, thinking “outside the box “. Passionate about entrepreneurial journey, business startups and development, social media marketing, influence marketing, networking and helping other entrepreneurs. Marketing & Business Consultant and Coach.

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