Is your IT equipment and data safe from disaster?

Do you know the difference between disaster recovery and data backup?

Can you imagine any of these scenarios happening to your office?

  • office building is flooded, or
  • there is a global epidemic and you are forced to work from home
  • power or network outages
  • the worst-case scenario, what if there is an explosion
  • what if the building has collapsed
  • or perhaps there is a fire and your IT equipment gets destroyed

How fast would you be ready to work?

The data backup will help you have a copy of it but won’t guarantee the access to it.

You need to have a plan in place to be able to get the whole system up and running,

in order to continue running your business.

Apart from having a disaster recovery plan in place, you must test it!

It is not enough to do something and then hope for the best without checking it.


Preparing a backup routine is quite simple.

What you need to consider is RPO, which is a recovery point objective and data safekeeping requirements.

The complete recovery process, entails additional action steps, such as:

  • deciding which systems are critical for running your business
  • an order in which the system and data should get recovered
  • setting up ways to communicate with your data
  • determining what would be best method to carry out a recovery test

Having a disaster recovery plan in place, will minimise the risks of losing data

and maintain compliance with GDPR/data protection rules.

Data backup serves a different purpose.

Make sure you understand, which solution best fits your needs.

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