Data and Disaster Recovery


The safeguarding of your business data is of vital importance.

At QuickSmart IT, we can offer various solutions, from on-site to remote backup capability,

to ensure that your data is safe and secure at all times.

A full and comprehensive backup solution is only one part of a full disaster recovery plan.

Again, this is something else that we can advise upon and work with your business to implement.

‘Disasters’ take many forms in our modern age, from natural disasters, such as floods, to cyber-attacks that compromise your whole business.

Many businesses would not last long without their IT systems and data.

That is why, we can help you develop a solution, that will enable your business to be back up and running at full capacity,

in the shortest amount of time possible, should something unexpected happen.

We also provide a ‘co-location’ service where we can arrange for your business critical IT hardware

to be housed off-site in a state of the art, fully secure Data Centre – thus reducing the management

overhead and cost to your business of having this equipment on site.


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