Server Virtualisation

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Server Virtualisation allows several operating systems to be run on a single physical computer.

The adoption of virtualisation by businesses in the last few years has grown

considerably and with significant reductions in total cost of ownership,

it’s often a very cost effective make for many companies.

We are experts in consolidating server infrastructure into easily managed, flexible, systems.

We can design, deploy and provide consultation about virtualisation solutions.


By taking advantage of server virtualisation, consolidating the number of physical

servers in your environment can provide the following benefits:

  • Lower the number of physical servers – by using fewer servers, power consumption can be cut dramatically, reducing your carbon footprint and also reducing hardware maintenance costs.


  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Microsoft Hyper-V technology includes powerful business continuity and remote management features, such as live backup, quick migration tools and geographically dispersed clustering capabilities, helping to ensure minimal data loss and enabling businesses to maintain high up-time levels.


  • By having each application within its own ‘virtual server’ you can prevent one application from impacting another when making changes or upgrades.


  • You can develop a standard virtual server build, that can be easily duplicated, which will speed up server deployment.


  • You can deploy multiple operating system technologies on a single hardware platform (i.e. Windows Server, Linux, etc.)

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