Security Stop-Press : 50% Increase In Cyber Attacks On Corporate Networks In 2021

Figures from software technologies company 'Check Point' show that an upward trend of malicious activity through 2020 reached a peak of 925 cyber-attacks…
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image of a laptop with covered webcam

You might be watched! Cover your webcam

cover your camera! someone might be watching you! Scary? This is nothing new. But it was a good idea…
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cyber security attack

Most current cyber threads you should be aware of.

Those are the most common cyber threads you should be aware of: Fake "phishing" emails from supermarkets offering vouchers for free shops -…
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No more issues working remotely! No more security or collaboration issues.

Lack of professional email can cost you more than a solution. Have you ever dealt with a business that uses a Hotmail, Yahoo,…
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