What is VPN and how can it help you work remotely?

VPN can help you run your business during these unprecedented circumstances.

Why should you consider it and what should you know about it?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network?

What are the benefits?

  • Allows you to securely connect with any other network, such as your business server or company network.
  • Protects your identity and internet connection from hackers
  • Helps you to browse the internet securely using encryption
  • Acts as a shield from unwanted viewers and allows you to access data, that is region-restricted
  • VPN encrypts (protects) the connection and data that you send and receive during internet sessions.

There are different types of VPN:

  • Remote access VPN, which is the most common and usually available to buy online, without any assistance from the provider
  • Site-to-Site VPN – that provides multiple users at fixed locations the ability to access each other’s resources in a secure manner

Example: If you are working from a company that is based in London using the company’s secure LAN (Local Area Network) and you are collaborating with a branch in another city/country, using a WAN (Wide Area Network) in a secure way thanks to intranet-based site-to-site VPN.

Those are common for use within large scale businesses.

  • For pleasure – focuses on individual user needs and can be obtained, based on standard specifications without any customisation
  • For Business – it is tailored to meet the needs of a business, by focusing on aspects such as a process of setting up, deploying and managing the VPN
  • Multi-protocol VPN and Single-protocol VPN that will allow you to secure various actions and have control over what is being protected and how. To learn more about these please go to :



  • No-Logging VPN – which means that the services will keep zero logs of your activity compared to ones that do. VPNs service providers, who are serious about no-logs policy are usually based in exotic locations with lenient legislation, or countries with long traditions of respecting and preserving people’s privacy.


  • Premium, Budget and FREE VPN – those VPNs will have minimum to high level of security, privacy and performance as well as level of equipment. The budget ones simply prioritise the essentials of protecting your connection, where the premium ones will provide the highest level of protection and performance.

There are some disadvantages of using VPN:

  • It can be illegal in some countries
  • You may experience performance issues
  • It can be difficult to set up for business users
  • There is a possibility to slow down your internet speed
  • It can “leak” sometimes, that is why you should take additional steps to protect your business from unwanted viewers, hence it is important to choose the right type of VPN for your specific needs, which can only be identified after initial consultation.

However using a VPN at home or your normal company environment with secure WI-FI connection that allows you streaming some data, that normally would be insecure and unavailable

To check whether you are successfully connected to a VPN connection, the simplest way is to type in any search engine “what is My IP” and if it shows your real location, you are not connected to a VPN, if it doesn’t, you are connected via VPN.


To decide whether a VPN is for you you should know the differences between various VPN types and speak to your VPN provider to gave you more information about a customised solution for your needs.

Is a VPN right for you?

We encourage you to have consultation regarding your company specific needs with your IT or VPN consultant.

We currently run a 20% discount on VPN solution right for you, whatever that may be, after an initial FREE consultation.

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